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Freelance Writer

I have 6+ years of experience writing for digital marketing, content marketing agencies, and

individual businesses. I stand out in the ability to write quality content irrespective of form and topic

(with reasonable exceptions). Creativity is my primary forte!

Words are a specialty of mine, and I have been playing with them since early adolescence,

sometimes as poetry as short stories and their ilk. It was little wonder to all those who know me that

I would take up the world of words as a full-fledged career.

My forte as a professional writer is:

  • Professional and often thought leadership content
  • Can be creative when required
  • Can handle almost any topic
  • Strictly ethical conduct
  • Can be relied upon to take the initiative

Personally, other than creative literature, I have notably ideated, written scripts, and even

developed games as my profile would testify. I hope you find it good enough to keep it as company

soon! Looking forward to a fruitful professional relationship.

You can find my writing samples on the home page of this site. The samples are navigable by content type and topic for your convenience!

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