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How to Quickly Draw up A Character While Writing Games for Adults

Are you waiting for an idea to strike to draw up a believable character while you are writing games for adults? If that is the case, you have arrived in absolutely the right place. Today, we bring a quick and realistic way to come up with characters for fun games for adults.

This categorization is based on the pioneering work of the noted Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. He created psychological types based on marked out characteristics and attitudes. The result was four sets of people, each with a dominant quality. They are really helpful in writing exercises creative writing prompts.

This method of drawing psychology-based character types uses four letters. These letters form a behavior or thinking style and are as follows:

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Characters with E or I- Extroversion Vs. Introversion qualities in Writing Games for Adults

This quality determines how a person spends most of his energy. Introverts prefer to be alone and quiet. Even when they are in groups, introverts prefer to be in small groups. Introverted people tend to be thoughtful and reserved.

Extroverts, on the other hand, prefer to spend their energy in the company of other people. They like to be busy and active. Extroverts are usually outspoken and express themselves more.

Characters with S or N- Sensing Vs. iNtuition qualities in Writing Games for Adults

This refers to the method used by a person to process the information he comes across.

Sensors rely more on the information they collect from their five senses. They adopt a hands-on attitude to learning and are usually quite practical.

The intuitive type is more abstract in their thinking. Abstract concepts like theories, explanations, and patterns attract them. Intuitive people are generally more on the creative side. They are also more involved in a theoretical future than the present.

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Characters with T or F- Thinking Vs. Feeling qualities in Writing Games for Adults

This is a personality characteristic that influences decision making considerably.

Thinkers like to think things through with logic and reason before making a final choice.

Feelers, on the contrary, make their hearts the base of decision. To them, the effect of the decision on people and how it aligns with their values matter the most.

Characters with J or P: Judging Vs. Perceiving qualities in Writing Games for Adults

This dimension decides the person’s outlook on structure and order and how they approach the same.

Judgers are the types who would appreciate structure and order more. They like meticulous planning and feel irritated if changes are required at the last moment.


On the other hand, perceivers prefer to keep things spontaneous and flexible. They like to keep their options open, should they choose to change their opinion.

The original theory of Jung was later developed by the collaboration between Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers. The mother-daughter pair quickly recognized its relevancy and how it can help people know themselves better in real life.

As a result of the method’s accuracy, the MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator finds various uses. This includes fleshing out life-like game characters for your ideas for a story.

The 16 personality types indicated by the framework are as follows:

  • ISTJ – Carrying out the duty

carrying out his duty

This personality type doesn’t make a lot of noise and is serious about what they do. They cherish a secure and peaceful life. They stand out by their thoroughness, dependability, and responsible nature. This type of person can concentrate on things really hard. They are usually orthodox and support as well as promote traditional establishments. They are organized and work hard towards incrementally moving forward to their goals. What really stands out for people of this personality type is that they can complete complicated tasks if they set their minds.

  • ISTP – The Virtuoso

The ISTP category of people usually are not loud and keep to themselves more often than not. They are incredibly interested in the how’s and why’s of the workings of all kinds of things. This personality group usually are excellent at mechanics and like to take risks to make the most of the present moment. These set of people have simple desires and often participate in extreme sports. They are usually loyal to their peer group and their own governing values. However, they might be willing to break the law or two if needed to complete a task. This type of personality is also characterized by its detachment and analytical mind. They excel in solving practical problems.

  • ISFJ – The Nurturing type

People of this personality type are usually kind and quiet. The personality group are traditionally conscientious and are big-hearted enough to put the needs of others before themselves. This type of people follow through on their tasks well and typically have a stable and practical temperament. The personality group typically wish to lead a stable life as per traditions, and their sense of function and space are highly developed. They can make acute observations of people and generally have a vibrant microcosm of their own. They are best at serving others and deeply perceive the feelings of other people.

  • ISFP – The Artist


These sorts of people are generally severe and quiet and display acute sensitivity and a high propensity for kindness. They don’t like conflict and try to avoid friction to the fullest extent possible. They are also well-reputed for their loyalty and faithfulness. Their senses are highly alert, and they are usually great lovers of beauty. Members of this personality group have no desire to lead the pack or exerting control over other lives. They possess an open mind about issues and are flexible as well. They like to live in the present moment and are often creative as well as original.

  • INFJ – The one who protects

They have a forceful and original bearing without being loud and insensitive. This character-type group is persistent and can be depended upon to finish a task. They are characterized by their high intuition and concern for the feelings of other people. They have developed value systems to which they rigidly remain faithful to. This personality type has high respect for not only persevering but persevering in doing the right thing. They are also more of an individual rather than a leader or follower.

  • INFP – The ideals come first

Like the other personality types we have mentioned before, this group is also quiet. And it is idealistic and reflective as well. They try to serve humanity and have a developed value system that they strictly follow. This category of people is noted for their high loyalty levels. They know well how to adapt and are usually take a back seat in life unless they perceive some precious value to be at threat. They make for good writers. This group is known for its quick mental reflexes and can see the full potential of a possibility. They are deeply concerned with helping people and understanding them.


  • INTJ – Serving Science

This group of people stands out by their independent nature and original and analytical thinking. Their grit and determination are also famous. The people with such a personality possess the rare ability to transform theoretical knowledge into a solid, workable plan. Such people hold knowledge in high esteem, along with structure and excellence at a task. They are highly driven and derive inspiration from their visions. The people of this personality category think long both in terms of range as well as time. They set high standards for themselves and set the same for others. They are natural leaders but can also follow others if there is trust in the relationship.

  • INTP – Thinking Away

This is the typical personality of the thinker. First of all, they can come up with logical, creative, and original thought. Then tend to become excited about various ideas and theories. This group of people stand out by their high-capability and can understand complicated thoughts with ease. They hold people with in-depth knowledge, logic, and competency in high esteem. Personally, they are usually quiet and keep to themselves. In fact, it is hard to know such a person well. They are non-interested in following or leading others.

  • ESTP – The one who gets the work done

These are the particular types of characters that you encounter most often in most games you can play. They are the doers and are friendly and adaptable. These actions people often look for prompt results and live for the moment most of all. Their active life is full of risks and they are most often used while writing games for adults. By nature, they are impatient and don’t really treasure the idea of having to provide lengthy explanations. They are known for their peer loyalty but often break laws and rules is the latter comes in their way. They are characterized by their excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • ESTJ – The Guardian

This group of people is characterized by their organization. These people are known for their practical and traditional mental makeup. They have a tendency to have an athletic physique or temperament. People with this personality type don’t really have an interest in abstract knowledge. Theories devoid of practical application are useless to them. Such people have a clear idea of how things should be. This personality type are also known for their tenacity for hard work and their loyalty. They like to be in charge of things and makeup as great people in organizing and running various activities. They are usually law-abiding citizens who want peace and security.

  • ESFP – The Performing artists

These are another personality type that’s a people’s person. They love to have fun and enjoy life and make events more pleasant. They treasure the present moment and love the possibility of new experiences. Detached analysis and cold theory are not their stuff at all. They like to serve other people and are typically the center of attention at social events and situations. They are practice and have developed common sense abilities.

  • ESFJ – The Caregiver

This particular group of people stands out by their warm and caring heart. People with such a personality are popular and conscientious as well. This is one of the rare type of personality group to hold the interests of others over their own. Such people are responsible and are devoted to their work. They are traditional and look for security in life. However, they require positive reinforcement to boost their self-esteem.

  • ENFP – The Inspiration

This personality group stands out by its immense enthusiasm and the creativity they display. People of this personality group are idealistic, and their sharp mental abilities mean they can do anything that attracts their interest. People belonging to this personality type also have exceptional interpersonal skills. They also exhibit a need to live life as per the values they endear. They get all worked up by new and exciting ideas, but the details really bore them. Such people have an open mind to things and display a considerable amount of flexibility. Their abilities and interest are quite broad.

  • ENFJ – The one who gives

This group enjoys high levels of popularity thanks to excellent interpersonal skills and display a sensitive nature. Their focus is on the outside and is really sensitive to the reactions and opinions of other people. Solitude is not bliss for them, and they love the company. Members of this personality group don’t like detached people and adopt a human viewpoint in all matters. Such people are especially good at resolving issues having to do with people. They are great at discussions, too, and try to serve others.

  • ENTP – The one with the vision

This personality type is known for its fit and prompt intellect and is creative and resourceful as well. A person belonging to this personality type can effectively do a wide range of activities. They like to debate and have a negative tendency for one-upmanship. The thoughts of new ideas and projects make them feel all worked up. Routine life is often neglected as a result. Such people are assertive and typically speak precisely what’s on their mind. The people belonging to this personality group enjoy the company of other people and are an energetic presence themselves. They can grasp complex concepts with ease and arrive at logic-based solutions to problems.

  • ENTJ – The Executive

the executive

This is the personality type you want your character to have if you are writing games for adults and are creating a business tycoon game. The group of people who fall into this personality category have an assertive and outspoken nature and have a large amount of drive to lead. They have an uncanny knack to understand and solve organizational problems. Such people stand out by their quick intelligence and extensive knowledge. These kinds of people make excellent public speakers. But they have little patience for inefficient and disorganized people and things.

Final Thoughts

Phew, this has been a particularly long post. Hope it gives you the tools and ideas you need to create your game characters super-quick. There’s even more for you if you are a game writer. I intend to create a mini eBook on the process of character creation. Till then, I hope this helps and remember to subscribe to our newsletter!

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