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Diligence is an essential part of excellence. Commitment to your passion matters just as much while writing video game scripts as any sort of writing you might practice. In fact, to excel, a video game scriptwriter must learn to get his hands dirty with the actual writing. It matters a lot that you get a start. Don’t expect each and every video game script story to be good enough for professional or public scrutiny. It is in no way necessary that these initial attempts at writing for video games be good enough for production. But what matters is that you start developing your passion.

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You should keep in mind that as a designer or while writing a video game, you need effective communication. The industry standard of communicating this vision is through written documents. That means you should try to fill up the blank pages with your ideas for a good video game story at the soonest. More often than not, the finer details will come to you while you are writing down your great idea.

The following tips will help you while you write video game scripts:

  • Realize that gaming is a form of entertainment

It would be helpful to you to excel at your craft as a game writer if you kept this mind. Remember, what you are creating is entertainment. You want to please and amuse people. From this viewpoint, what separates you from other creative writing forms is the medium. You are merely presenting entertainment in the game format.

  • Remember, there will be immense changes to your original vision.

Don’t be naive enough to expect your game to be as per your vision to the minutest detail. On the contrary, be prepared to see your brainchild being twisted and to the point of no recognition almost. There will be cuts and additions that will change your initial vision into something with a life of its own. Realize this and accept it!

  • Remain open to learning new things.

Like with all activities, nothing hinders you like yourself. Remember that there is always someone who knows something better than. Having an open mind will help you develop both as a game writer as well as a person. Be receptive to other people’s skills and try to learn from them.

  • There is more to writing for video games than dialogue.

Remember, no matter how good you might be at writing video game scripts, there is no remedy to a broken story. Good dialogue is essential but works only on well defines characters at suitable dramatic moments.

  • Relationship with the team matters more than you realize

You might have the best, the most brilliant game idea but it would be useless if nobody wants to work with you. You will need the help of other team members to have a good game as the final product.

  • At times you might have to relinquish cherished ideas.

It is easy to be emotionally attached to some of your good video game story ideas. But it is wiser to know when to let go of that attachment. Remember, in all probability, you will have to relinquish one or more of your darling ideas. Try not to make too much fuss about it.


  • Stay true to your idea for writing video game scripts

  • ideas

great ideasLife is full of contradictions, and this is one great such contradiction in the life of a video game writer. Like you must be able to let go of specific ideas, you must start true to certain others. Remember, game writing is an area that requires heart and soul. If you start doing it robotically, the meaning will fade, and the magic will wear off. That means no exceptional games too.

  • Really contribute to the project.

Make sure that you actually deliver on your game writing and designing tasks. It is good to have a reputation, but at the end of the day, your contribution counts the most.

  • Don’t be preoccupied with flaws.

Remember, any initiative will come with a set of flaws. It is up to you not to dwell on the weaknesses of a game development project. Sure, try to fix the more significant issues but make it a point not to whine about every minute detail.

  • Try to be open to collaboration.

Often, a single same thing has several angles to it. It would be helpful if you see modifications to your vision by other team members as a process of collaboration. Remember, you are both working and contributing to the same project. It’s about collaborating and working together, not about compromising. Stay positive!

  • Try to work with humor and a light heart.

Remember, games are supposed to be fun. Unless you enjoy working on it, chances are it won’t be just as much fun. So, keep a light heart and stay in perfect humor.

Writing games is loads of fun and will satisfy your creative juices too. I hope that these tips will help you along the way. Stay tuned for more such tips by subscribing to our newsletter!


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